Quote IconThe computer doesn’t make meaning. We do. And most of us in the humanities are not sophisticated computer engineers; we require assistance to understand and use the algorithms required to get the next “level of description,” to use the language of complex-systems analysis. When we pass the buck to programmers, the algorithms, and, in turn, to the models they generate, we cede a major part of the meaning-making process. If we wade into the digital humanities, we need to understand, and continue to question, the digital part as well as the humanities part. We can’t allow interpretation to be hidden in a mathematical black box. We need to remember that these digital methods are based, at least initially, on human inputs.

-The Chronicle for Higher Ed.

albeit misses some nuance but overall i dig the point. 

Quote IconIn sex, physical self-consciousness is abandoned in favor of intensified sensual pleasure. In sleep, everyday consciousness is abandoned in favor of the unconscious, the world of dreams. In sigils, the two states meet in a single act, and so is released a special and potent energy. A fertile power of harmony, transcending the barriers of the conscious/unconscious divide. And so it is that the sigil lets forth an energy that cuts through like a flaming sword, overcoming all that stands in its path. – Genesis Breyer P-Orridge
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